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Kids and Carpooling

January 6, 2009

I started out with the purest of intentions, I really did but then my life got in the way.  While readying myself for work this morning (quickly as I intended to meet the carpool again) a parade of sad children moped past the bathroom.  Each one was more pathetic than the last…

First my 8 year old son slinks by, half-dressed and crying because it’s too late for him to take a shower.  He’s eight!  I would have paid hard cash to avoid a shower when I was eight!.

Next came my youngest with windpants on that were three sizes too big.  When I pointed out this obvious fashion error he cried, “Dad made me put ‘dem on!”

My husband (yelling from downstairs): “They were in his drawer and he insisted on “soft” pants so he’s wearing them!”

I yelled back, “They’re in his drawer because you’ve only put clothes away one time in your entire life and you got it wrong!” …on the inside.  On the outside I just sighed and went back to my hair dryer.

Then came my 10 year old daughter, also in tears and half-dressed.  “I don’t have any pants that fit me!” As if somehow I’d done this to her on purpose.

Amid a great deal of stomping and gnashing of teeth everyone did manage to get fully dressed.  I missed the carpool.

I know we only have one world but I’ll have to save it tomorrow.  Today I saved the pantless instead.

– Bea

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  1. Michelle permalink
    January 9, 2009 10:22 pm

    School mornings are the worst…okay maybe there are bigger issues, but with two girls I can certainly identify. Similar issue this morning when my also 10 year old couldn’t find her favorite sweatshirt in her closet. Of course it is my fault that I didn’t wash it immediately upon removal from her body on Wednesday!! And yes I was to know that she would want to wear it today. Without thinking (obviously) I told her to just wear it anyway (how dare I suggest to wear something “smelly and dirty”). Her solution after much grumbling–go in bathroom and spray it with perfume she had gotten for Christmas (so no one would know it was worn before). Well as I’m sure you know- never be critical of your child’s thought process, especially minutes before getting on the bus–her liitle sister took care of it for me…with watering eyes (from the perfume) she said “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?!” I shook my head, shoved them both out the door and said a silent apology to any child or teacher who has to come within smelling range of her to today.
    Just thought I would share a small tidbit of commiseration with you, Bea.

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