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Inauguration Tickets

January 12, 2009

Shortly after the election of Barack Obama, I went on-line in my quest to find inauguration tickets.  Being a “by the book” sort of person, I went directly to my senators and representatives rather than trying to score a pair of tickets from some guy in a trench coat in the back alley of e-bay.

Alas, being a “by the book” sort of person does not get you to the inauguration ball.  I just received a courteous form letter from my senator stating that while he’d certainly like to help me, he can’t.  However, if I’m willing to risk life, limb and potential crushing; I would be welcome to squeeze onto the National Mall with a few million other hapless optimists in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Obama’s elbow.

Normally I would say, “Count me in!”  I live for that sort of thing!  But this one’s not about me.  I really wanted to take my son to this event.  He is eight years old and a long-time Obama supporter.  In fact, he had the “Yes We Can” attitude way back when I was still supporting the Secretary of State.

While he too has the “Count me in!” mentality, I think we’ll have to sit this one out.  We’ll be celebrating the dawning of a new age with our T.V., a glass of sparkling grape juice and his Obama action figure. The beauty is that change is coming  whether we’re in Washington or on the couch and we aren’t just witnessing it, we’re part of it. – Bea

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  1. Michelle permalink
    January 14, 2009 2:15 pm

    While we had no desire to be in Washington (entirely too many people), we will, like you, be on the couch watching and celebrating every moment!

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