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A White House Victory Garden. Yes He Can!

February 2, 2009

Oh, this is not just a picture that made us smile, but also a great idea.  The Obamas wouldn’t be breaking tradition here, they’d be embracing a past tradition.  What better time to replant a White House Victory Garden?  What an amazing model the Obama White House could be in growing food for the White House kitchen and donating fresh, organic produce to local food pantries.  Maybe this will give the rest of us a little nudge to try our not-so-green thumbs at growing some of our own food too.

Check out the complete website at Eat the View and sign the White House Victory Garden petition.  In the meantime, enjoy the video – “This Lawn is Your Lawn.”

– Shell and Bea

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  1. joeandgreg permalink
    February 2, 2009 4:47 pm

    Okay, I signed the petition but I think a garden within the first hundred days might be ambitious, even for DC. That would be what, mid-to-late April. He could maybe plant peas and lettuce. But, it’s a start. Interestingly, when I did the Underground Railroad field trips for local school, the children planted Fugitive Aid Gardens for the Ladies Fugitive Aid Society. The gardens were based on Martha Washington’s design of the formal gardens at Mount Vernon. From a distance they looked like the ornamental gardens of palaces of Europe, but were actually done with vegetables. Very clever. It would be great compliment to the landscape of the White House which is now cribbled with baseball diamonds and blacktop pathways.

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