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An ordinary day. Bet you can relate.

February 10, 2009

Dani asked me what fun things I had planned for the week….
I know she wasn’t being serious, because really – what fun things do I usually tell her I do during the week?  It made me think though, about what I did today.  Since I don’t have any great recipes to share, here’s my ordinary day:

•wake up when jim heads out.  make sam breakfast. shower. pack school lunch. hound sam to brush his teeth for 15 minutes before he actually does it.  wake claudia up.  make claudia breakfast.  watch for the school bus.  send sam and our neighbor off to school.  badger claudia to actually eat her breakfast, even though she’s sure she isn’t hungry.  find clothes for her and rush her to get teeth brushed.  (take a moment to praise God that I braided her hair on sat. and we won’t have to fuss about it again until next week!).  go to preschool.  go to the bank.  go to the grocery store.  stop at home to coax kitten into pet carrier to take her to the vet.  drop kitten off at home.  back to preschool.  go to playground with preschool friends.  home for lunch and tom and jerry cartoon.  make salted fudge brownies for only the 4th time since i found the recipe 2 weeks ago.  (this time they aren’t for me though!).  answer emails.  try to figure out why i can’t ichat with bea.  go to school to pick sam up.  homework with sam.  off to the library to deliver brownies to my friend.  pick up some books while i’m there, because i can’t walk out the door without something!  order pizza for dinner because nothing is defrosted.  study spelling words with sam.  work on valentines with claudia.  read together.  bathtime – when i threaten to smell sam when he gets out of the tub to make sure he actually touches the soap.  play a rousing game of pictureka and be happy that jim’s playing chutes & ladders instead of me. (it’s not my favorite game).  give the kitten eye drops because the vet says she still has an eye infection.  some blogging while the kids watch tv.  bedtime!  watch president obama on tv.  read a bit.  thank God for healthy, happy, busy days.  sleep!•

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  1. Lauren permalink
    February 10, 2009 2:15 am

    wow ok i just tried to send you a blog n it wouldn’t work because i didn’t fill out the right things…geez lol it was so heartfelt too! so are you happy aunt shell? lol see what you made me resort to in order to talk to you…i’m now outta the confinds of facebook and email…boy i must really luv you! so my first blog n it failed…but i was saying that since this is about ordinary days my days just consists of college, hw, work (someone’s gotta feed the old people), and church….the recipes look delic but i have neither the time nor energy!! lol so you gotta tell me when its good for me to come down because i need a vaca!!! n i can stay for a 3 day weekend no prob…idk wat you write on blogs so i’m gonna say i’m craving chocolate…do you have any quick easy recipes for a yumi gooey treats!!! well email me or blog me whatever floats your boat heck even TXT ME lol you have my number! jk i wont put pressure on you to txt it is frightning the first time you try it lol but i luv u i gotta go do my hw for tomorrow’s classes….muah!
    H&K’s forever!

  2. oneordinaryday permalink
    February 16, 2009 9:32 pm

    Oy – Lauren – email me, you goofball!

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