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Show your earth love.

March 28, 2009

Just a friendly reminder…

Show your love for Mother Earth tonight by participating in Earth Hour.  On Saturday March 28, 2009 countries around the world will come together in a symbolic gesture to show our wide-spread commitment to saving the planet.  Showing you care is as easy as shutting off your lights.

From 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM (no matter your time zone) it will be lights out for over 6 billion people around the globe.  Such iconic structures as the Eiffel Tower, the Sears Tower, the Coca-Cola sign in Time Square and many, many more are set to participate by turning off the lights for an hour.

I’ve read some less than supportive reports from people who say that this action will do nothing to change the climate or reduce our problems.  Maybe so, but every journey starts with just a single step.  I’m ready to take that step and I hope you’ll come with me.

Check out their site – Earth Hour – to find out more.

– Bea

Last night, my family participated in Earth Hour.  We had a ball.  No lights.  No tv. Just us and a bunch of candles.  We played win lost or draw and hangman on the dry erase board in the kitchen.  Everyone participated and we laughed and had a good time.  Did the lights go back on at exactly 9:30?  Yep.  But that’s okay.  It was a teaching moment and it made an impression on my kids.  And on me, frankly.  Who needs stinkin’ electricity?  No, seriously, what I took away from it was a reminder that we don’t need the tv or the wii or the computer.  It’s all fluff.  We’ve got each other and we had plenty of entertainment built in right there.

I have read some pretty negative posts about the whole Earth Hour thing.  People are complaining that it’s a band-aid or it’s a novel way to pretend you’re green.  I disagree.  I didn’t expect it to solve global warming.  I didn’t expect it to do anything more than it did.  It heightened awareness of the problem in a new and even fun way.  Did it change everybody?  Is everyone going to switch to cloth napkins and buy their own water bottle and unplug their “vampire” electronics?  Nope.  But if it got noticed or if another family had an “a-ha” moment that will be the catalyst for some big changes, then it worked, didn’t it?

– Shell

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