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The Rest of the Story…An Easter Throw Down

April 6, 2009

Yes, it’s true…we have won the egg toss many, many times. There’s a family plaque commemorating each year’s winner and my husband and I take up a lot of space. We’re very proud. But I must protest that this is not a result of our great love for chickens. Rather, it’s a testament to our persistence, hard-work and ability to choose good eggs. The very qualities apparently lacking with Shell’s cake-pops.

You see, she thought she had the competition in the bag. She thought she could enter this new wonder dessert edging out the competition to secure the kid vote (just like she did last year) and take home the trophy. Enter the thick-battered hand of fate. Looks like the trophy, in all its shiny glory is still up for grabs. Sorry Shell, you’re gonna have to work for this win.

I can be glib since I’m not a contestant. I’ve spent years building a reputation for having cooked but a single meal in my entire married life. I don’t like the kitchen…cooking, measuring, cleaning up the mess – It just doesn’t interest me. Therefore, they’ve made me the MC. My job is to keep the contestants honest, count the votes and award the trophy. Check back after Easter to see which “Iron Chef” walks away with the gold…


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  1. April 7, 2009 2:09 am

    Okay, I’ve definitely missed something in my baseball filled weekend. I guess I’ll need to read on. :-)

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