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Container gardening at our house

April 20, 2009

We had a couple of gorgeous days here and it was finally the perfect time to get our hands dirty.  The kids helped choose some of the things we planted.  They each got a strawberry plant and Claudia wanted to grow a bean stalk, so we planted some green bean seeds.  Also in there is sweet basil, marigolds (just because they remind me of our grandpa), sugar snap peas, and garden onions.  The kitchen window is right above the peas and beans, so when they need to climb we can attach a string from the window for them.  Three kinds of tomato plants are on the other side of the deck.  We only planted a bit of seed in each container, so they’d have enough room, but we’re happy with how it turned out.  It looks bright and fun from the sunroom and the bunnies can’t get to it on the deck, so we should be the only ones eating our little harvest.  I just hope it all grows!

Yes, I know I used plastic containers for this, even after I went through all that about cutting down on the plastic.  But I thought that at the very least, all of these containers would or could be reused and enjoyed in the sandbox or on the beach if the garden didn’t work out.

Here are a couple other fun gardening ideas:

  • Check out this adorable idea for tipsy pots.
  • You’ve seen those infomercials for a watering system for your plants?  Here is a quick way to make your own drip irrigation system by recycling your soda and water bottles.
  • I love this creative herb garden!
  • Finally, if you can’t grow your own food, visit Local Harvest to find out where to buy fresh produce locally.
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  1. April 21, 2009 12:25 am

    So festive! I am looking forward to planting a few seeds in a pot with my two-year-old very soon. I think he’ll enjoy watching it grow once it sprouts. I had never heard about those veggies climbing up a string… That is good to know!

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