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Chocolate nutter butter pie

April 24, 2009

I think I’ve had monkeys on the brain lately.  Yes.  Monkeys.  Let me share a conversation Claudia and I had the other night while she was getting ready for bed.

Me – You know who I haven’t seen in a while?
Claudia – Who?
Me – Curious George.
Claudia – You mean the movie or the tv show?
Me – No, I mean your Curious George.
Claudia – I’m Curious George?
Me – No, your Curious George.
Claudia – I’m Curious George?
Me – No. Your Curious George.
Claudia – You mean you think I’m curious?
Me – NoI mean your Curious George doll!
Claudia – Oh.
Me and Claudia – hysterical laughter.

george2She is such a goof ball.  I felt like I was in the middle of a comedy sketch.  I wouldn’t have even blinked if she’d asked me “Who’s on first?”  Anyway.  Monkeys.  See the connection?

So I had my head full of chocolate and bananas and looked around for a recipe that would use both.  I toyed with making monkey bread, but since we don’t have extra time to enjoy breakfast together during the week, I moved on to a dessert.  Though, oddly enough, Ingrid over at 3 B’s just posted about her monkey bread muffins and they look really good.  Great minds.

I found this very, very easy no-bake recipe at Group Recipes.  One of my favorite cookies growing up was Nutter Butters and, lo and behold, this recipe has a Nutter Butter crust.  I whipped it up in no time and it was in the fridge waiting to be eaten when everyone got home.  I even told the kids we were calling it Monkey Pie.

Would you believe that neither of them would eat it??  Oh my gosh, there were bananas in the bottom of it!  Now both of my kids eat bananas.  They really do.  I buy them on every grocery trip and they complain if I forget.  But put a banana into a baked good and forget it.  They won’t touch it with a 10 foot pole.  I get Sam’s weirdness.  He has banana aroma issues that go way back to getting into Bea’s van once when a banana had been left inside and gotten ripe.  He’s been freakish about the smell ever since and it took him a good two years to want to ride in her car again.  I am not exaggerating.  But Claudia?  I can’t figure out why she refuses to eat anything that has bananas in it.  My kids are so weird.  I guess next time I’ll have to leave the bananas out.

Chocolate Nutter Butter Pie (aka Monkey Pie)

Recipe:  Chocolate Nutter Butter Pie

18 Nutter Butter sandwich cookies, crushed

3 Tbsp. butter, melted

2 medium bananas, thinly sliced

2 c. cold milk

2 pkg. (4-serving size) instant chocolate pudding

1 1/2 c. thawed Cool Whip, divided

Put cookies into your food processor and pulse until crumbed.  Mix with butter.  Press firmly onto bottom and up sides of a 9″ pie plate.  Place sliced bananas on the bottom of crust to cover.

Add milk to dry pudding mixes and whisk for 2 minutes until thickened.  Gently stir in 1 c. of Cool Whip until no white streaks remain.  Spoon over banana slices.  Top with remaining Cool Whip.  You can also crush up 2 more cookies to sprinkle over the top.

Refrigerate at least 4 hours before serving.  Store leftover pie in the refrigerator.

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  1. April 24, 2009 8:04 pm

    Sorry I haven’t been around. I’ve skimmed over your posts but haven’t been able to comment. Thanks for the link……yes, GREAT minds! Ha-ha!

    My kids will do stuff like that especially Babygirl! Today she’ll eat something and rave about it and then next week she’ll decide she doesn’t eat that at all! Of course in another two weeks she’ll ask for some. Grrr!

    Hope ya don’t mind but I’m adding you to my blogroll!

  2. oneordinaryday permalink
    May 1, 2009 8:48 pm

    Ingrid – Thanks for the blog love. :)

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