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Let’s take one more look

May 25, 2009

Well.  I was just looking at the collages I made of our weekend away.  Pretty.  Peaceful.  Even charming, if I do say so.  I really enjoyed photographing images that are part of being at our parents’.

The collages don’t really tell you the whole story though.  I kind of prettied it up.  If it had been really accurate, I would have included a photo of the ER.  Or maybe four photos of the ER – one for each kid who paid it a visit.  Maybe an unidentified rash or two.  Definitely some conjunctivitis.  Also maybe a shot of some shattered glass.  And if I could photograph germs, I’d have included them.  Umm… Clorox wipes and Purell.  The pharmacy where Poppy went twice to fill three prescriptions.  (And it must be noted that he had to drive 30 minutes in each direction to GET to the pharmacy.)  Kids getting eye drops.  Kids getting throat cultures.  Kids crying.  Pouting.  Moping.

And you know what?  Even if I had included all of those things into those pretty collages, I would still say we had a great weekend.  God has blessed us with a pretty mean sense of humor.  It sure came in handy.

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