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Feels like summer

May 31, 2009

Claudia and I found a fun way to stay cool.  I think it’s the green version of having a water balloon fight.  We especially loved the sneak attacks we made on Dad and Sam.  It’s so much fun to act like a kid with your kids, and I highly recommend this activity!

All you need are sponges, scissors, and dental floss.  Cut the sponges into strips, all the same size.  Lay down a length of dental floss, then place 4 sponge strips, side by side, on top of the floss.  (It looks neat if you alternate colors, but you can do it any way you like.)  Top them with another layer of sponge strips.  Now you’ve got 8 strips of sponge to tie together.  Gather each end of the dental floss and tie a tight knot.  It will gather the strips together and it becomes a sponge pom-pom.  Now dunk them in some water and have fun!

Claudia kept herself busy while I tied up the sponge balls.

Now go play!

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