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True confessions

October 30, 2009


Well, today is what I usually call Eco-Friendly Friday.  I’m afraid I’ve gotta call it True Confession Friday instead.  See, I haven’t been very eco-friendly lately.  In fact, I’ve kind of got a laundry list of things I’ve been doing wrong over the past week or two.  I’m not making any excuses here, but with Claudia being sick with the flu, all my environmental sense kind of went out the window.  Apparently, it hasn’t come back yet, so I’m hoping with this little list of infractions, it’ll jump start me back on the right track.

So.  Here we go:

  • I went to Starbuck’s and didn’t take my refillable cup.  Plus, the silly girl behind the counter gave us double cups for some reason so I not only had one cup, but two!
  • I used paper towels repeatedly all week because my laundry pile was out of control and I didn’t have a single clean dishcloth.
  • I bought and used Lysol disinfecting wipes with great zeal.
  • I gave Claudia a different plastic shopping bag every day to fill with used tissues.  Then I promptly tossed them into the trash.
  • I bypassed the Borax for Clorox bleach in the laundry when I finally got around to actually doing the laundry.  And I used the hot water cycle.

That’s just a few things.  I know they sound silly and mild, but it really just shows me how far away from my environmentally-friendly habits I’ve slipped.  But everybody falls off the proverbial wagon once in a while, right?  And nobody’s perfect.  So I’m ready to earn back that lovely shade of green I had become.  Next week you’ll get a real post and not just a lousy list.  Promise.

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  1. October 31, 2009 12:42 pm

    Don’t feel too bad, sometimes it is more important to take care of your family. I am sure you will be back on the wagon in no time :)

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