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Chili con cocoa

November 7, 2009

Chili con Cocoa

The pumpkin chili I made a while ago got me thinking about how much more versatile chili is than you might think.  When I came across this recipe, which adds cocoa to the mix, I wanted to give it a try.  I made a few alterations here and there, but the original recipe comes from Hershey’s Kitchens.  I figure if I’m gonna trust someone when it comes to chocolate, I couldn’t pick a better name than Hershey, right?

But to be honest, this is really just an okay chili.  You don’t actually get the chocolate flavor until the end of each bite.  It’s kind of an afterthought, but when it comes across your palate, it’s a little too much.  A little too bitter.  Maybe if I’d just added the cocoa powder or the dark chocolate, it would have been better.  I was hoping it would just give it a nice deep flavor.  Or maybe it’s just a personal taste thing, but we just weren’t crazy about it.

Recipe:  Chili con Cocoa

(adapted from Hershey’s Kitchens)

2 Tbsp. canola or vegetable oil

1 large yellow onion, diced

2 lbs. ground beef

2 Tbsp. Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa

2 Tbsp. chili powder

1 tsp. cayenne pepper

3/4 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. allspice

1/2 tsp. cinnamon

1 large can diced tomatoes

1 large can crushed tomatoes

2 Tbsp. tomato paste

1 c. water

2 large cans of chili beans  (I used Bush brand.)

3 oz. dark chocolate

chili toppings:  shredded cheese, sour cream, grated chocolate, optional

Heat oil over medium heat in a large pot; add onion.  Cook, stirring frequently as onion becomes translucent.  Add ground beef, cook until browned and cooked through.  Drain.  Stir in cocoa powder, chili powder, cayenne pepper, salt, allspice, cinnamon, tomatoes, tomato paste, and water.  Heat to boiling.  Reduce heat.  Add beans and dark chocolate.  Simmer 45 minutes.

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  1. November 7, 2009 2:42 pm

    I gotta kinda excited when I saw this recipe. Bummer that it didn’t turn out quite right.

  2. November 7, 2009 5:21 pm

    What a great idea. Sorry it wasn’t what you hoped for, but I bet it’ll taste amazing once you find the right balance.

  3. November 8, 2009 1:24 am

    i’ve heard that a little cocoa does great things for a pot of spicy chili but i haven’t tried it myself. you keep tweaking and let us know when you find the magic combination!

  4. November 8, 2009 4:27 am

    I do add cocoa to my chili too but with some sugar to cut the bitterness. Then it has a nice balance of flavor! Or I add Mexican Chocolate to my chili:
    1 cup semisweet chocolate chips
    1/2 cup sugar- I used unrefined
    1 T. cinnamon
    1/2 – 1 t. cayenne pepper
    Process all ingredients in a food processor until chopped fine and well blended. Store in an airtight container. Use in chili about 2 T. per 1.5 pounds of beef or to taste!

    Have a great Sunday!

  5. November 8, 2009 6:07 am

    I’ve made this chili with cocoa and really liked it–maybe give that one a try next time you’re in the chili mood. Sorry this one didn’t turn out as well as you’d hoped….but at least you got a blog post out of it! :)

  6. November 8, 2009 8:19 pm

    it is very pretty though!

  7. November 9, 2009 9:03 am

    i have never tried this before, but I have seen a cooking light recipe floating around with chocolate in chili, I think it is some sort of Cincinnati style chili recipe. Maybe it’s worth a try.

  8. oneordinaryday permalink
    November 10, 2009 6:29 am

    Ingrid – Don’t get me wrong….it got eaten. : ) It just could be a little better.

    Xiaolu – Thanks for the encouragement. I’ll post if I try it again and get tastier results.

    Grace – Will do!

    Robin Sue – Thank you!!! I bet you’re right with the sugar. It would have cut the bitterness of the dark chocolate. And thanks for the recipe too.

    hungry dog – I’m going to definitely check out this recipe. Thanks for sharing!

    Monica – LOL Thanks.

    Sara – Haven’t seen that one, but I’ll have to see if I can find it.

    ~ Michelle

  9. Jessica permalink
    March 14, 2010 9:09 am

    This sounds an awful lot like Cincinnati chili only perhaps not as good. You should check at your grocery store sometime in the sauce isle for a packet of Cincinnati Chili or Skyline mix. You’ll be very pleased.

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