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Chocolate truffles with sea salt

February 8, 2010

Chocolate Salted Truffles

I really have very little to tell you about these truffles.  Just a few adjectives will have to do:

Amazing.  Decadent.  Heavenly.

Nah.  That’s not cutting it.  How about a few exclamations:

Oh! My! Gosh!   Oh, baby!   I’m in love!


Expletives?  Oh, c’mon, this is a G-rated blog.  My niece will be reading this.  {Hey there, Evie! xoxo}

I guess all I can do is tell you to make these.  Nothing I say can possibly do them justice.  They are so easy and so incredibly delicious.  But please use the best quality chocolate you can.  I was lucky enough to have won a giveaway before Christmas at Family Fresh Cooking.  My prize was some Scharffen Berger chocolate, and it was absolutely perfect for making these truffles.

Recipe:  Chocolate Salted Truffles

(first drooled over at Pioneer Woman Cooks)

8 oz. semisweet chocolate

8 oz. dark/bittersweet chocolate

1 14-oz. can sweetened condensed milk

8 oz. milk chocolate

sea salt

Heat semisweet and dark chocolates and condensed milk in a double boiler over low heat until chocolate is melted.  Chocolate will have a slight marshmallow texture.  Stir in vanilla.

Remove from heat and cover.  Refrigerate for 2 hours.  Melt milk chocolate in a double boiler over low heat.  Stir until smooth.

Once chilled, scoop small spoonfuls of chocolate and roll into balls.  Dip into milk chocolate.  Sprinkle with sea salt.  Chill to set.

15 Comments leave one →
  1. February 8, 2010 8:33 am

    Oh, man. I really need to get my hands on some fancy chocolate and give these a try!

  2. February 8, 2010 9:25 am

    Great job…they are beautiful!!

  3. sumshay permalink
    February 8, 2010 9:36 am

    Okay…more snow is coming!
    Don’t be surprised if I bring my pillow and blanket to sleep with Harper and Boo. I’ll be like the troll in the basement–you could even lock me in your laundry room, I’ll do your laundry. Promise you won’t notice me…
    And I won’t ask for much, just throw some cinnamon pancakes and chocolate truffles my way!! Or whatever else is baking in your kitchen…I’ll be happy.

  4. oneordinaryday permalink
    February 8, 2010 9:50 am

    Bring the kids and Marc…. he can help clear the driveway! : ) And actually, remember I told you I had a surprise for you? It’s a little bag of these truffles! They’re wrapped and sitting in the fridge waiting for you.

  5. February 9, 2010 3:42 am

    These have my mouth watering. I love sweet & salty combinations. I must MUST give these a try.

  6. February 9, 2010 3:45 am

    Oh my. I want to make these. Scratch that. I want someone to make these FOR me. Must send a link to my husband… :)

  7. February 9, 2010 5:28 am

    Oh me oh my and me snowed in without some sweetened condensed milk. Shame on me. AND no nutella to make that hot chocolate on your previous post. I’m doomed. But I do have prosecco and chocolate covered strawberries!!

  8. February 9, 2010 7:34 am

    Sea salt is everywhere these days, on everything sweet! Evidently I’m missing out because I haven’t tried it yet. That’s why I depend on you to keep me up to speed on what’s new and tasty!

  9. February 9, 2010 9:01 am

    These sound so good! I love the sea salt with them!

  10. February 9, 2010 12:28 pm

    truffles are a bit of trouble, but oh-so-worth-it! i love the salt crystals as a finishing touch–tasty and pretty. :)

  11. February 9, 2010 2:09 pm

    These look so pretty! Love the sea salt sprinkled look :)

  12. February 9, 2010 4:53 pm

    Will these win over a chocolate hater? It’s so cold on the east coast Michelle, that I think you can safely mail me some. That way I can decide for myself!

  13. February 9, 2010 5:42 pm

    Yes, these truffles are drool worthy. I love sea salt with chocolate. Thanks for linking to FFC. I am so glad you liked the Scharffen Berger. Please update the link to FFC if you can to:

    The other is an old URL from before we changed to self hosted wordpress.

  14. February 9, 2010 10:27 pm

    Ah… just send some of these my way…

  15. February 10, 2010 1:51 pm

    So these made you want to cuss, huh? These must be good :-)

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