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♪♪ Everybody’s got a water buffalo ♪♪

December 3, 2011

I have been so inspired over the past weeks by something we’re doing at church.  The semi-short version goes something like this ~

We’ve been given a trust (our envelope contained $5) to bless someone.  Simple instructions.  Pray, multiply, and put it out into the world somehow.  Our family prayed for several days about where this money should go, but in the end we are being led my our baby girl.

Claudia and Sam had a talk a couple weeks ago while I kinda, sorta eavesdropped.  They were counting their allowances to go to Target and Sam was telling Claudia that they should be donating some of their money to other kids.  He went on to tell her that there are little children dying every day because they don’t have enough food to eat or clean water to drink.  Her response is engraved into my heart.  She said, “What??  But that’s not even living their whole life cycle!”  (See, she had just learned about life cycles in 2nd grade science.)

So to help another child and his/her family (and maybe even neighbors and friends) live a whole life cycle, we turned to Heifer International.  With a little inspiration from a favorite Veggie Tales song, my kiddos decided that we should give a family a water buffalo.  A water buffalo can help farm fields, provide fresh milk, and raise money for medicine and school.

Well, a water buffalo costs a lot more than $5, so we brainstormed ways to multiply our trust.  This weekend, we will be Christmas Caroling for a Cause!  Emails and Facebook posts and empty piggy banks have moved us closer to getting our water buffalo, but more than being excited about that, I’m in awe of my daughter.  She’s got a huge heart and I bet if people listened and prayed with children more often, we’d all be moved to action to send blessings out into the world.  Don’t you think?

Hope our story inspires you to send your own blessings out into the world!

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  1. December 6, 2011 10:07 am

    We know families who have started to give to charities over giving gifts to eachother. Some day our family needs to take that plunge. Kids do the best things and can be so selfless!

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