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Ice cream cone cupcakes

January 26, 2013

cupcake cones2Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

I made cupcakes in ice cream cones once quite a while back, and it was a disaster.  The cake mix baked over the tops and ran all over the place.  It did nothing but make a big old mess in my oven and I had to throw them all away.  When I walked by these teeny, tiny ice cream cones when I was grocery shopping the other day, I couldn’t resist the urge to buy them and try again.

I have to admit, that the first batch went straight to the trash.  Major flashback.  But I persevered and ended up with these adorable little cupcakes.  How stinkin’ cute are they?  The trick for me was definitely to only fill them halfway full.  They baked up just a little above the tops of the cones and were perfectly baked inside.  And with a nice swirl of frosting on top, they even look like ice cream cones.  Love!

cupcake cones1Just to show how small they really are, here’s a shot of my Sam holding one.

Recipe:  Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

boxed cake mix (and necessary ingredients) or favorite cake recipe
ice cream cones

Make cake batter, as per directions on the box or your recipe.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Set ice cream cones inside the cups of a muffin pan.  (I used a mini muffin pan for these little cones.)  Spoon batter into cones, filling halfway.  Bake for 13-15 minutes, until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.  (If using regular sized cones, baking time will be 18-20 minutes.)  Allow to cool completely before frosting.

For those who need to know….


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  1. January 26, 2013 6:19 pm

    Oh, they are sooo cute! I’ve always wanted to try making some, need to look out for those super cute mini cones now – they look like just the right size for kids parties :-)

  2. denise permalink
    January 26, 2013 6:24 pm can’t just leave us hanging…what is the name brand of those cute little ‘mini’s and or show us the box. Just how mini are they ?? I would love to know !

  3. oneordinaryday permalink
    January 26, 2013 6:56 pm

    Denise – The cones are just the JOY brand and they call them mini cones. Found them right with the other cones at my regular grocery store. (Which is nothing fancy, let me tell you!) Hope you can find some. They’re adorable. :)
    ~ Michelle

  4. January 28, 2013 2:09 pm

    they’re so perfectly tiny and cute!!

  5. gcroft permalink
    January 29, 2013 1:31 pm

    Ooohhh…. how fab are they?!

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